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Don't Let Your Cherished Memories Fade


Are your treasured family memories lost in a dusty box in the attic? Your cherished moments, captured on VHS tapes and Super 8 films, are priceless heirlooms that should last a lifetime, but time can be unkind. The reality is, these precious memories are at risk. VHS tapes and Super 8 films naturally degrade, and as the years roll by, the clarity of your treasured memories slowly fades away.


Our Solution

At AppleBay Media, we've dedicated ourselves to rescuing these moments from the ravages of time. We offer an affordable, reliable digitization service, turning your VHS, VHS-C, DV videos, Super 8 films, and even audio cassettes into digital formats that will stand the test of time.


Why Digitize?

Once digitized, your timeless memories become immune to the disintegration of time. They won't degrade, and they're always there for you to revisit, easily share, and enjoy. Your past remains as vivid as the day it was captured.


How It Works

  1. Send us your tapes and films: Send or deliver your collection of tapes or films to us in central Jerusalem. We handle each one with care and the respect it deserves.

  2. We digitize your memories: We use the newest technology to convert your analog memories into a digital format.

  3. Enjoy your memories anytime, anywhere: Once digitized, we deliver your new digital memories to a secure folder on the Cloud for you to download. Now, you can relive them anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Don't Wait – The Time to Act is Now

Every day you wait is another day that your memories are at risk. Don't let your cherished moments fade into obscurity. Preserve your past for the future with AppleBay Media.

Standard rates:

  • VHS, VHS-C, DV video tapes: 45 NIS per tape

  • Super 8 film reels: 45 NIS per reel


Rates apply for orders of up to 10 tapes or reels, respectively.

Have more than 10 tapes or reels to digitize? We're more than happy to accommodate! We offer generous discounts for larger orders to help you preserve all your cherished memories without breaking the bank. Contact us for a personalized quote and take advantage of our Volume Discounts.


Act Now


Rediscover the joy of reliving those priceless moments. Reconnect with the past. Share them with friends and family. Leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

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