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When you choose to work with AppleBay Media, we want you to have high expectations. Despite being a small agency, we work hard to ensure that our quality of work is exceptional.


Our four-pronged approach guarantees a work process that covers the following:

  • Getting to know one another: We aim to understand your needs and expose you to our best work in order to create a solid work plan for your project that we both agree upon.

  • Understanding each other's expectations: We believe that it is crucial to establish a productive relationship by understanding each other's expectations.

  • Developing and designing samples: We develop and design samples for your review and take your feedback into account.

  • Working until final approval: We work on your project until you are satisfied, and we are only happy when you are.


In addition, you can expect even more. We ensure that the work you request is delivered on time, that the path to delivery is clear, affordable prices, and that the invoice we send you is correct.


We hope there can be mutual expectations for honesty, openness to feedback, and a willingness to consider things from different perspectives in our collaboration. Mutual availability is also essential for the smooth progress of our work.


We appreciate and are dependent in your competence in your field, and want to make the most of it in our collaboration. We also ask that you consider our expertise and recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of best practices in the field of visual communication.


Finally, we approach our tasks with a sparkle in our eyes, embracing the belief that enjoying the journey is a crucial aspect of our work. We pledge to not only meet but also surpass your expectations, ensuring that our collaboration is a resounding success.

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